Imagine yourself being on the road and feel your favourite music through the best audio system, watching movies on 24 inch display or even having comfort of your workplace just like behind your office desk.

Project iMotive was developed to accommodate all your needs in a small VW camper which can be also used as a normal car. Electrical and water supply autonomy opens new ways of traveling without sacrificing the comfort of your home.

Perfect road-trip vehicle for ultimate experience

Audio-video & Electonics

Special attention was paid to integrate best possible technology without loosing any valuable space in the car.

The right car

Original Voklswagen 2000 T4 Multivan was chosen for this one-of-a-kind project.

Sleeping capacity

5 people can sleep in the car. It is very comfortable for 4 people. Maximum traveling capacity is 6 people.


The car is equipped with automatic air-conditioning system as well as separated stand-alone-heating system. Due to pop-up roof design, heating is very strong. Special thermo-resistant windows contribute to heating and cooling efficiency.


The car is equipped with VW original 4 bicycle rack on the back door. On the roof is a special rack that can be accessed from side of the car so you do not need to climb to the roof every time.

Additional battery

There is additional battery under drivers seat. Due to safety and best charging performance this battery is GEL-type. The wiring is set in a way for you to always be able to start the car with other battery and charge both of them while driving. Another way to charge batteries is with ordinary camping plug.


To protect you from burning sun and rain. The tend can be set by only one person.

Whole picnic equipment

All picnic equipment is stored in the luggage space of the car: 4 comfort seats, table, cooker, electric cooler, dishes, etc.

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