The vision of the company is to develop systems that are solving all sorts of problems we face when traveling with any kind of vehicle. Nowadays we are very aware of what is possible with technology. Integration of user friendly technology into vehicles looks to be the challenge of the future. With many years of experience in traveling, user experience and developing digital systems gives us confidence to “push the envelope” even further.

The company was established in 2011. In the same year company obtained national business funds for research and development. In 2012 the company began partnership with one of the biggest camper manufactures in Europe to further explore the possibilities and needs of the market.


79 d.o.o.
Cesta brigad 2
8000 Novo mesto / Slovenia

+386 (0)41 723 962

Passion in traveling with camper

The story goes back 15 years when the founder of the company, went to first road-trip with his girlfriend. It was an unforgettable journey, but there were so many things missing. He missed his computer, his books, storage of music, connection to internet,…

Over the years when technology became more accessible and mobile, more and more people joined his idea. Exploring all the possibilities became fun. Most of the people involved in research were passionate about traveling. Some exploring new lands and some extreme sportsmen. We all share the same vision to redefine traveling. Imagine having all the music you can think of, all the movies you desire, information from Wikipedia, photos from Google Earth, Skype, social networking,… at hand any time you like. This opened completely new horizons to traveling.

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